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First Fidelity Trust, Ltd. (FFT) was established to meet the demand for prudent, one hundred percent (100%) U.S. Internal Revenue Code (IRC) and U.S. Treasury Department compliant trust services. FFT gives careful attention to the demanding requirements faced by North American clients. U.S. citizens, particularly, find FFT to be the best solution to their international financial planning needs.

Companies and individuals worldwide are seeking to reduce their taxes and guard their assets against monetary judgments. At the same time, individuals wish to maintain a high degree of confidentiality over personal affairs and maintain the ability to transfer wealth to their heirs without paying confiscatory taxes, hiring costly lawyers, or losing control of their estates to the courts.

Legal, virtually bulletproof, tax-advantaged international structures were once so expensive to set up that only multi-national corporations and the wealthiest individuals were able to take advantage of this strategy. New technologies and progressive legislation have now placed these structures within reach of successful professionals and business owners. 

The media is full of stories about staggering jury awards that are based on the most frivolous of lawsuits. Everyone is a target. If you have worked hard to build a financial nest egg for your retirement and your family's financial security, chances are good that you have become an even bigger target.

Less than five percent (5%) of the world’s population lives in the U.S., but seventy percent (70%) of the lawyers live in the U.S. Ninety four percent (94%) of the world’s lawsuits are filed in U.S. courts–100 million and counting, with 15 million new suits being filed each year. Frivolous lawsuits and incomprehensible jury awards are destroying medical practices, wiping out businesses and costing the world’s economy billions of dollars. The trend only appears to be growing worse. In fact, if you own a business, there is a one in three chance that you will be hit with a lawsuit this year. You could lose everything.

First Fidelity Trust Provides:

Assets entrusted to FFT are often held in the custody of stable, well-established international banks with no U.S. presence to ensure maximum protection and privacy.

While some international banks are notorious for holding wired funds for several days, living on the "float," FFT’s banking relationships facilitate same day transfers. FFT maintains its securities portfolios in the safekeeping of major securities clearinghouses.

At your direction FFT will work with your independent investment advisor who may recommend prudent investments that meet your objectives and goals.

FFT strives to be a leader in complying with “Anti-Money Laundering” guidelines and requirements, “Know Your Customer” rules, and has cooperated fully with the Financial Action Task Force. FFT conducts all business in a manner that is fully U.S. Treasury Department and IRC compliant.

With an impeccable track record for integrity and honesty, FFT provides the highest degree of confidentiality, anonymity and asset protection.

FFT has assembled a world-renowned team of tax attorneys, corporate attorneys, tax accountants, international bankers, trust officers, and international specialists. Our professional advisors will custom design a strategy to fit your needs, both now and in the future. FFT will use every effort to provide an affordable, legal, compliant, asset protected and tax advantaged structure for you and your family.

FFT's Managing Director is a trained litigator, admitted to practice in the United States as well as internationally. He has successfully defended trusts in foreign courts on behalf of clients in need of protection. As his profile attests, he is well qualified to advise on matters of asset protection, confidentiality and tax law. As an FFT client, you will have far greater access to the Managing Director of the Trustee than you would to a domestic trustee. By making a commitment to extraordinary customer service, FFT has made certain that its staff is readily accessible. This accessibility allows clients to convey their preferences, express their concerns, and get their questions answered.


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